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Sales Scripts in 60 Minutes

In 60 minutes or less, you can crank out a proven sales video formula that keeps your viewers glued to their screens and whipping out their wallet.

It also works for lead generation, charity donations, website visits, video shares… or just about any action you want people to take!

In 60 minutes or less you can have your own powerful video sales script ready to shoot. And you’ll be feeling pretty smug too… because you’ll be cranking out winning video scripts in minutes… without those endless nights ofstaring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor!

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The 7 Seductive Triggers

Discover the 7 seductive triggers that hit your viewer’s hot buttons and create buying triggers, driving response rates through the roof.

By tapping into your viewer’s “emotional brain” with these 7 seductive triggers… you’ll experience raw selling power that your competition can only dream of.

Just go through these 7 simple questions, inject the answers into your video script and watch the magic happen.

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The 4 Profit Pillars

Discover the 4 profit pillars that every million dollar sales video is hiding under the hood.

Whether you’re outsourcing or writing scripts yourself, these 4 pillars are all you need to create high converting videos in any niche, for any audience.

99% of videos I see are leaving at least one of these pillars out, and it’s ruining their sales potential!

The 4 Sentence Million Dollar Close

Most video marketers truly fall down when it comes to closing the sale in their videos… and without a strong close, you’re losing 90% of your potential sales.

I’ve tested this over and over, and you won’t believe the difference a killer close makes.

The good news is... it only takes 4 simple sentences to turn your viewers into action takers... and finally clicking, subscribing or buying like crazy!

You’re getting the same proven close that has made me and my clients millions of dollars per year from our sales videos.

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The Time-Saving Cheat Sheet

Don’t have time to screw around? Use my ready-made cheat sheet to spit out a winning video script super fast.

Just follow the simple steps and you’ll instantly have everything you need to crank out your next script, without diving into all the theory.

Now you can quickly absorb my secrets, faster than ever, with an easy to follow “cheat sheet” to reference, every time you need to create a persuasive video.

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Fill-In-The-Blanks Template

Way too busy? Simply fill in the blanks on this proven template and boom, you’ve just saved $3000 on copywriter fees, plus hours of work…

… and in just minutes, you’ve got a powerful video script you can use to generate subscribers, leads and sales over and over again, for life!

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9 Sales-Killing Script Mistakes

Just to be sure, I’m showing you 9 dangerous, sales-killing mistakes that I see most people making over and over, so that you don’t make them too.

Perfect to keep you on track, especially when you’re moving away from the ready-made templates I provide.

Make sure you always check your video scripts to make sure these 9 sales-stopping mistakes never rear their ugly head and kill your income dead.

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    This formula and template works with slides or images just as well as live presentations. So you can finally sell your stuff on video, despite your “FaceTime fears!”

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