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To my fellow video marketing geeks, nerds and enthusiasts…

By the time you finish reading this short letter, you’ll know my secret, 60-second video “hack” that’s proven to get your videos more views… more engagement… and your products sold.

If you want viewers rocking out to your marketing message like it’s “Gangnam Style”… and you’re ready to start scooping up more sweet leads, and juicy sales than a fat kid in a candy store… then read on and find out how you can make it happen… today.

This new video trick is small, super-smart and it could see you laughing all the way to the bank.

But First Let Me Let You In On Another Little Secret…

It’s probably no surprise to you that over the past few years video has been the #1 sales generating weapon in my business… and I’ve watched video marketing change a lot:

  • I’ve seen far too many people try and “do video” the hard way by bustin’ out more and more videos, while wasting more and more money on traffic and just “hoping” something will work…
  • I’ve watched in dismay as the trend of sleazy, over-hyped videos designed to fool viewers into watching has been and gone and returned again…
  • And I’ve ranted at other marketers about those annoying videos that pop up and bully you into watching… until you finally find and hit the ‘x’ button… (You know the ones, right?)

I admit, I’ve been lucky…

I’ve avoided the sleazy, annoying, mass-produced videos that have been polluting our space… and invested my time in testing different things to really make my (and my students’) videos…

POP! And recently, I discovered a new trick that gives us a huge advantage over practically every other video marketer...

Even some of the leading video marketers on the planet don’t understand how important this is, even though it’s…

The Biggest, Fastest, And By Far
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I don’t know where you are at with your business right now… Maybe:

  • You’re just starting out and you can’t get the engagement that makes you stand out… and starts putting a steady flow of lead in your auto-responder… and cold hard cash in your back pocket.
  • You want to dip your toes into the profitable world of video marketing but you couldn’t code, encode, decode or design your way out of a paperbag.
  • You’ve got videos up on Youtube but they’re lost among the other gazillion+ videos that look exactly like yours.
  • You’re bringing in thousands each month and you want to take that up a notch… or three… or ten…

Or maybe, like me, you’re a video geek and you want to make your video marketing the slickest operation in town… (If so then I salute you!)

The point is this: It doesn’t matter where you are… Or whether you know anything about video marketing or not…

What matters is by using this one simple 60-second video secret you can boost your video engagementand your profits… by as much as 36.1% or more… Here’s what it’s all about:

Turn Your Viewers Into Buyers In 60-Seconds

(This Snapshot Taken From A Recent JVZOO Campaign Demonstrates

The Power A Simple Thumbnail Change Can Make

With A 26.8% Increase In Views… And A Massive 36.1% Increase In Profits

In Just 24 Hours!)

Crazy right? A 26.8% boost in viewership and a massive 36.1% increase in profits in just 24 hours!

What’s the difference? Almost nothing. Same copy. Same audience. Same video. Just a different thumbnail...

Most video marketers don’t give a second’s thought to what thumbnail is used on their videos. Which is where you now have the advantage, because as you can see the boost to conversions is huge.

What Makes InstaThumbnail So Effective?

InstaThumbnail is so powerful it’s like opening a doorway into your prospect’s lizard brain… rewiring their buying circuitry… and practically hypnotizing them so they click play.

In just 60-seconds InstaThumbnail lets you create video thumbnails that will…

Crafty? Yes. Fair? Absolutely. Effective? Devastating!

Difficult? Sure, if you were to do it all by yourself, test and create your own filters, templates, and customizations… and use them to create individual thumbnails one at a time…

It would take more time than most people can spare… And it’d hurt you in the wallet getting a designer to do it for you… ButInstathumbnail makes it about as easy as sending a text message…

See for yourself:

Create Your “InstaThumbs”

In Just 4 Simple Steps!

Pretty easy right? And that’s not even the best bit…

The Best Bit Is With InstaThumbnail You Can:

Get Your Videos Grabbing More Attention

Than The Super-Bowl Half Time Show

And speaking of attention, using Instathumbnail will allow you to:

Simultaneously Get More Interaction

with your Facebook ads and lower your ad costs.

Make Your Calls To Actions Irresistible…

by adding and arranging as many icons, shapes and as much text as you want… with easy-to-use layers… you’ll be light years ahead of your competition…

Avoid Any-And-All Design Headaches

by using the InstaThumbnail’s ‘dunce-proof’ drag ‘n’ drop editor to create beautiful, professional thumbnails… even if you couldn’t design a dog’s dinner.

Wave Goodbye To

coding, encoding or decoding nightmares and keep your videos and new “InstaThumbs” in perfect sync by doing… nothing!

No need for expensive screen capture software. No need for memory-hogging image editing software. No need for clunky video encoding tools. That’s right, no design, no coding, no drama… you do practically nothing. InstaThumbnail does it all for you. You just cash the checks!

PLUS: No More Ugly Youtube Thumbnails Either!

With InstaThumbnail you can beat off fierce Youtube competition by choosing the exact image, filters, text and icons you need to…

Make Your YouTube Videos

The Only Videos That Stand Out!

With “InstaThumbs” You Can Crush Your YouTube Competition!

Pour Some Rocket-Fuel

On Your Video Marketing Today

Here’s the deal:

I want you to see for yourself how easy it is to crank out hundreds of professional, attention-grabbing, “InstaThumbs” in just minutes…

And then I want you to sit back and watch as your views, click-throughs, shares and profits all start soaring upwards.

Think about it… How much is a 36.1% increase in profits and a 26.8% increase in engagement worth to you? If it’s worth $37.973.93 after a single day?

How much more money will you have made a week from now… or in the next 30 days?

Who knows? That depends entirely on what you do next…


Full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Here’s What To Do Next

I’m making this real easy for you:

I want you to try out InstaThumnail risk-free for the next 30-days…

And if it doesn’t fire up your profits, engagement and click-throughs… and if it doesn’t become an indispensible money-making tool… then you are welcome to come to me and ask for a full and immediate refund…





PLUS: “Go PRO” And You Could Be Making Your
Money Back Within Minutes

Here’s how:

It’s good to have options, right? And with the PRO license you don’t just have the ability to profit from extra engagement and sales… you also get the option to create “Instathumbs” for clients… and that means easy cash.

Think about it… How many people using video do you think want more views to their videos? They ALL do.

Every single person who isn’t as mad as a bucket of squirrels (and most of them too) who is using video wants, needs or craves more views.

That means when you show them how effective your new thumbnails are, they’ll be jumping out of the bucket to have you make some for them.

Even if you charge just $50 for a thumbnail (and $50 for 26.8% increase in views - in 24 hours - is a pretty hot deal...) and do 8 a day, that’s $400 you’ve earned before your second cup of coffee.

WARNING: Lock In Your
Launch Price Now Before It Doubles

image10I want to avoid every Tom, Dick and Harry jumping on the InstaThumbnail bandwagon… and saturating the market with “Instathumbs.”

So I plan to double these prices (at a minimum) the minute this launch is over…

Either that, or I will pull the product for an extended period of time so that early adopters like you can get all the benefit… for as long as possible.





So What Will It Be?


There’s more than one way to make money with video:

  • You could go the hard route and keep saturating the marketing with new videos until something sticks to the wall… or you burn out.
  • You could try the sleazy route… and create overhyped video titles that trick people into watching, hoping that people don’t label you as a spammer or a fraud.
  • You might want to try the annoying route… and use video pop ups to interrupt people and bully them into watching your video while hoping they don’t find your home address…
  • Or you could give yourself the chance to double, triple or maybe even quadruple your engagement and profits by taking the smart route…

And use InstaThumbnail and bang out attention-grabbing “Instathumbs” to generate curiosity, trust and desire… while getting more traffic, more Facebook ad clicks and more views, no matter where you put your videos!

You can leave those sleazy, dirty trick experts in a cloud of dust as you and your profits accelerate away from them … taking their fans, viewers, and customers with you.

Lock In Your InstaThumbnail Launch Price Now

To your total and utter video mastery!



  • I’ve seen far too many people try and “do video” the hard way by bustin’ out more and more videos, while wasting more and more money on traffic and just “hoping” something will work…
  • I’ve watched in dismay as the trend of sleazy, over-hyped videos designed to fool viewers into watching has been and gone and returned again…
  • And I’ve ranted at other marketers about those annoying videos that pop up and bully you into watching… until you finally find and hit the ‘x’ button… (You know the ones, right?)

Don’t risk waiting for the launch to end. InstaThumbnail might not be waiting around for you!





PS: You’ve seen how the right thumbnail can increase your video views by 26.8%. You’ve seen how a simple “InstaThumb” can increase your profits by 36.1%. You’ve seen how to get ahead of your competition by making your videos reach out from the screen, slap your viewers round the face and DEMAND they pay attention...

And you’ve seen you can do this without changing anything about the video itself. You’ve even seen how to make your investment back almost instantly! There’s nothing here not to like…
The only “bad” in all of this is that in just a few days, the price is either doubling or the product is going back in the vault for an extended period of time…

If you want this massive advantage... if you want people wondering how your videos seem to go round the world twice before theirs have got out the gates... you need to choose your license right now.





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